Tо̄kyо̄ Futuristic – Video Game Tour

Tо̄kyо̄ Futuristic

I’ll take you into Deep Akihabara for all things manga, anime, and otaku culture. Video games, crazy action figures, vintage consoles, cutting edge VR and AR games. Do Akihabara right, so many others don’t.

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One of the beautiful things about Japan is the blending of classical tradition with cutting edge technology. We’ll explore that dichotomy of old and new as a vibrant, evolving pop culture with its own aesthetics, themes, and trends. I’ll also take you to some ancient spots that don’t just sit to the side of, but are fully part of this neighborhood’s day-to-day lifestyle. If anime and manga are your thing, you will love this – it’s weird, yo.

This is a Tōkyō video game tour, anime tour, and manga tour all rolled up into one. We’ll spend most of our time in Akihabara, but I’ve often mixed this tour with seichi junrei pilgrimages to sites famous for appearing in critical scenes in anime and manga.

  • Destinations
  • Akihabara
    We’ll spend most of our time in this wonderland of otaku culture
  • Anime and Manga Shops
    Build up your collection or browse stuff you never knew existed; vintage comics, super-high-end fanfic, etc.
  • Figures, Cards, Models, and other Pop-Culture Goods
    Used and vintage goods also available
  • Kanda Myōjin
    A shrine established in the 700’s and closely associated with the samurai tradition and popular anime, Love Live!, and Akihabara’s culture in general
  • Maid Cafe
    Trust me on this on.
    You’ll thank me later.
  • Pokémon GO
    We can play all over the city, but Akihabara is a great place to try some 4 and 5 star raids!
  • Vintage Game Consoles
    You’re not planning on buying a Nintendo NES or classic Atari console, right? You don’t need all those mint condition cartridges, do you?
  • Visit Japanese Arcades
    Everything from crane games to cutting edge VR; we can even play vintage tabletop games or watch professional gamers burn off steam
  • Yushima Seidō
    This is an Edo Period school of Confucian philosophy established in 1630… JK, we’ll take a look from the street and get back to the fun!

Popular Add-ons

  • Visit a maid cafe in Akihabara
    This is one of those “only in Tо̄kyо̄” and IMO “must-do” experiences while you’re here. Great for solo travelers and families! I’m going to pressure you to do this on the day of, so expect it.
  • Anime, manga, and video game-related events happen all the time. If your holiday in Japan coincides with one, let’s customize this Day Tour!
  • Nakano Broadway
    This is the original birthplace of Japanese otaku culture.

Starts at ¥65,000

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