Tokyo Execution Grounds Tour

For those with a love of history and a sense of the macabre, my Tokyo Execution Grounds Tour offers something unique. From 1600 to the early 1870’s Edo (now Tokyo) was home to three execution grounds. Today, these former Tokyo execution grounds are considered haunted.

I’ve studied these facilities in detail, and a number of high profile convicts, and am probably the only guide in Tokyo qualified to run such a tour.

Execution Grounds of Edo

Nobody else is going to take you to the three most haunted spots in the center of Tokyo, so let me show you around the macabre remains of these dark places. There are so many great stories and tie-ins with Japanese culture and attitudes.

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I started running this tour simply because I thought it sounded cool and maybe 1% of people who found me would think so too. Turns out, I get about two requests a year for this and since I might be the only person qualified to run this tour, I’m going to continue offering it. Edo, Tokyo’s original name, had 3 main execution grounds where a whopping 300,000 – 600,000 criminals were executed between the 1600’s to the late 1800’s. These neighborhoods still bear the stain of ritual impurity and are a far cry from the neon-lights Blade Runner image many people have of Japan. If you appreciate the dark side of things, you really should join me for this one.

Eschew the neon lights and indulge your Dark Side. Explore Edo’s 3 main execution grounds with a #JapaneseHistory specialist!

  • Tokyo Execution Grounds
  • Denma-cho Execution Ground and prison remains
    100,000 – 200,000 executions between 1613-1875
    Yoshida Shoin monument, Kodenma-cho Prison Museum, Kokucho Death Bell, Daianraku-ji temple, the Edo Period plumbing system is still intact
    Nikko Kaido (highway from Edo to Nikkoо)
  • Kozukappara Execution Ground
    100,000 – 200,000 executions between 1651-1873
    Edo’s most mismanaged execution ground, Kubikiri Jizo (the beheading Buddha), Namidabashi (bridge of tears), Eko-in temple, Enmei-ji temple;
    Nikko Kaido (highway from Edo to Nikko)
  • Suzugamori Execution Ground
    More than 100,000 executed between 1651-1871
    The killing floor, stone bases for crucifixion and burning alive, well for cleaning severed heads before display, Namidabashi (bridge of tears)
    Taikyo-ji temple, Hamakawa battery, Sakamoto Ryо̄ma statue, Tenso Suwa Shrine, and the nagekomi-dera (“throw away temple” for local courtesans)
    Located on the old Tokaido (highway from Edo to Kyoto)
  • There were a few other places (eg; Myogadani or Fuda no Tsuji, etc.) where famous executions took place in the old city, if you’re interested in these as well, just let me know.

Popular Add-ons

  • Noodles for dinner at a family-owned soba restaurant established in 1856
  • Add-on a standard Dinner & Drinks experience
  • Make offerings for the repose of souls (this one is on me; I’ll show you how to do it)
  • Try traditional Japanese sweets near Denma-cho Prison
  • Enjoy a sampler at a bar that serves shots of real human blood
  • The three sites we’ll visit are pretty dark and while they’re perfect for certain types of clients, this isn’t for everyone. Remember, I can always build a custom tour just for you and include just one of these locations, if you like.

    If you click here or press the Book Now button below, we can discuss customization.

Starts at ¥55,000
(covers up to 5 people!)

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