Architecture & Design Tour Tōkyō

This walking tour focuses on modern design and architecture, but I’m happy to include traditional and classical forms as well.

Architecture & Design

Home to some of the greatest architects in the world, top studios from around the world bid hard for the opportunity to make their mark on Asia’s greatest city.

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Tōkyō is home to a myriad of striking architecture, but navigating the city to see all the coolest stuff if probably impossible if you’re not a local. Well, luckily I am a local and I’ve been here for almost 20 years.

This tour never runs the same way twice. We’ll explore Tōkyō’s eclectic modern cityscape, focusing on Pritzer Prize winning architects and gorgeous interior spaces. I try to run the gamut from fashionable flagships stores to quirky buildings that have become beloved icons of the capital. The pacing is way more important that cramming in three days of buildings into a few hours, so we’ll have a great time looking around the interiors and (if experience is any metric) probably getting distracted by all kinds of eye candy along the way.

  • Destinations
  • Ginza
    Japan’s most exclusive shopping district since the 1870’s
    The pre-eminent kabuki theater in the country, De Beers Building, Mikimoto Pearls, Maison Hermes, Tōkyū Plaza, the iconic Yūrakuchō Crossing, Okuno Building, Louis Vuitton, too much to mention!
  • Omotesandō, Aoyama, and Harajuku
    Japan’s second most exclusive shopping district since the 1980’s
    Sunny Hills “Pineapple Building,” Prada Tōkyō, Miu Miu Aoyama, Aoyama Hills, Hugo Boss, Tod’s, there are some famous private residences too!
  • Roppongi
    Japan’s premiere high end arts and fashion district
    Roppongi Midtown, 21_21 Design Sight, Roppongi Hills, etc

Popular Add-ons

  • Take a break from modern architecture and check out Tōkyō’s pre-eminent woodblock print museum.
  • Shop for woodblock prints in Ginza
  • Take a woodblock print workshop and come home with your own art!
  • A full-on fancy schmancy dinner in whichever fashionable area we conclude the tour in.
  • Add on a standard Dinner & Drinks experience.

My Tokyo architecture tour focuses on modern design, if you prefer traditional Japanese architecture, let me know, I’m currently building a tour like that!

Starts at ¥55,000

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Custom Tours

Tōkyō is home to hundreds of world class museums and thousands of galleries and art spaces/events. I’ll design an epic day for you if you tell me what you love.

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Wanna mix a Tokyo architecture tour with shopping, a museum, or creating traditional woodblock prints?

All my tours are customized in one way or another. If you need a private tour or someone to make things smoother, or if you’re gathering contents and shooting video and need a fixer, I’m sure I can help out and get you sorted.

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  • Fixer
  • Guide
  • Liaison
  • Interpreter
  • Personality
  • Wingman
  • A shoulder to cry on
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