Shibuya Walking Tour

Booked your hotel in Shibuya? It’s pretty overwhelming. Join me for this Shibuya Walking Tour that mixes the traditional with the futuristic.

Shibuya Walking Tour

Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s iconic fashion and music epicenters.
It’s part Blade Runner, part all night party town.
I’ll show you Shibuya’s craziness in all its glory, but also take you its best kept secrets!

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Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s many busy city centers. It’s fast-paced, crowded, and fashionable. And crazy. I forgot to say this area is crazy. Join my Shibuya walking tour to explore this exciting neighborhood. But we’ll also visit trendy Daikanyama and Ebisu to see the area’s less manic side.

It’s best to do Shibuya as a pop-culture/fashion tour with a little history/culture thrown in the mix. Shopping is great, but other guides skip the traditional side.

  • Destinations
  • Shibuya Crossing
    Also known as Shibuya Scramble, this is Tokyo’s iconic “crazy intersection” famous from movies and everyone’s travel photos.
  • Hachiko the Loyal Dog Memorial
    Erected in 1948, this statue of Japan’s most famous symbol canine loyalty, has been the meet-up spot in Shibuya since the 80s when this area became a fashion center.
  • Shibuya 109
    One of the birthplaces of the 90’s gyaru (gals) fashion subculture.
  • Tower Records
    If you’re interested in J-pop, J-rock, or any kinds of Japanese music or Japanese releases of foreign music, this store is a blast. It’s fun to peruse the CDs, DVDs, and vinyl and other goods. There are often early release events and meet-and-greets here. Let me know if you want to check it out!
  • Konno Hachiman-gu
    Did you know there was a castle here? This shrine, dedicated to the samurai war god, Hachiman, marks the remains of Shibuya Castle.
  • Yebisu Beer Museum at Yebisu Garden Place
    Tokyo’s Ebisu neighborhood takes its name from the city’s oldest brewery (1890). The brewery moved in 1988, some of the magnificent bricks structures were transformed into an integrated property development with museums, shopping, and dining.
  • Asakura Mansion
    This traditional residence was built for a former samurai family of lordly rank. The building survived earthquakes and WWII and is now open to the public. Generally unknown even to locals. A real treat!

Popular Add-ons

  • Inari Tea
    Chill out in a sophisticated, modern Japanese tea café. This is how Tokyoites relax with friends. In addition to specialized teas from Kyushu, you can enjoy delicious Japanese sweets.
  • Ebisu Yokocho
    Lunch or dinner in this collection of teeny-tiny, classic postwar casual eateries located under the tracks of the Yamanote Line. This is a hardcore shitamchi Tokyo-style experience.
  • Nonbei Yokocho
    Also known as Drunkard’s Alley, this is another collection of teeny-tiny, classic postwar casual eateries located under the tracks of the Yamanote Line. And no, you’re not hearing an echo echo echo.
  • Karaoke in the Room from Lost in Translation
    Believe it or not, the karaoke room used in the famous scene from Lost in Translation is preserved. It requires a reservation, but I know the room number!
  • Sample Craft Beers
    There are a number of great places to sit down and have an ice cold beer. Some places brew on the premises.
  • Shopping
    Not really an add-on. Feel free to pop into any shop at any time. If you’re looking for specific items, especially by Japanese designers, let me in advance.

    If you’re interested in clubbing or catching rock shows in Shibuya, let me. My Underground Music Night covers that!

Starts at ¥55,000
(covers up to 5 people!)

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