Pokémon Go Tour

This is the only Pokémon Go tour that I’ve ever heard of in Japan. It’s a fun way to play the game with a local and learn the in’s and out’s of Tokyo, culturally, historically, and in terms of pop culture. Japan is easily the best place to play Pokémon Go, and Tokyo is the best city in Japan for it!

Pokémon Go
in Tokyo

Bring your charger, GO Plus, and a bottle of water cuz we’re gonna hit the mean streets of Tokyo and it’ll be epic! What could be more fun than combining culture with hanging out doing raids and taking out gyms?

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To historians, Japan is the Land of the Gods, but to gamers, Japan is definitely the land of Pokémon. They’re everywhere and beloved by all – young and old. I’ve played all over Japan since 2016, and I think these three spots are the absolute best in Tokyo, especially during events. These are my personal spots for regular days and Community Days. Why not hang out with a local and combine your grind with an epic dose of history and culture? All of my tours are totally unique, but this one is… well, pretty sure I’m the only person running a Pokémon Go tour in Tokyo. Are you ready, trainer?

Bring your charger, GO Plus, and plenty of water. We’re hitting the mean streets of #Tokyo and raiding historic neighborhoods like there’s no tomorrow! #pokemongo

  • Destinations
  • Shinjuku Pokémon Square
    Admittedly best on Community Days and Raid Hours, this area is pretty much bumpin’ any day of the week.
  • Akihabara
    The epicenter of Japan’s otaku culture (anime, manga, video games, figures, etc.). Also, a major hub for all things Pokémon Go Tokyo.
  • Hibiya
    Sitting next to the Imperial Palace, this former feudal lord’s mansion has been transformed into one of Tо̄kyо̄’s premier parks and one of the capital’s most engaging (and shaded) all-day grind spots!
  • Shinagawa
    A former post town on a medieval highway (the Tо̄kaidо̄) that preserves the feel of pre-war Tо̄kyо̄. This neighborhood is teaming with cultural spots and gyms as far as the eye can see. It’s also home to the tightest Pokémon GO community in the capital, so chances of making some friends along the way is high.
  • Many Other Destinations
    There are many other great spots, including Ikebukuro and the Imperial Palace.

Popular Add-ons

  • Rent electric-assist bikes
    to diversify our coverage and take some unorthodox side streets to see what we stumble across.
  • Visit a maid cafe in Akihabara
    This is one of those “only in Tо̄kyо̄” and IMO “must-do” experiences while you’re here. Great for solo travelers and families!
  • Cosplay Karaoke in Akihabara
  • Kanda Myо̄jin
    Established in the 700’s, this shrine is popular with history-fans and anime-lovers alike. Unlike any other shrine in Japan.
  • Skip a restaurant
    Let’s have a picnic in the park!
  • Skip the picnic
    Let’s have lunch in a restaurant. Or better yet, let’s get an expensive lunch!
  • Izakaya night in Akihabara
    There are all kinds of dinner options!

Starts at ¥45,000
(covers up to 5 people!)

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