Nikko Day Trip

Enjoy a Nikko Day Trip sightseeing tour of this beautiful World Heritage Site. The mountains and trails are beautiful, but so are the legendary graves of the first and third shoguns (samurai rulers of Japan).


There’s a proverb in Japanese, “don’t say kekkō until you’ve seen Nikkō.” It means “you haven’t seen anything in Japan, if you haven’t seen Nikko.”

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I love Nikko! It’s got something for everyone: commanding architecture, awe-inspiring natural beauty, and the all-encompassing spirituality of one of Japan’s strongest power spots. I think a Nikko Day Trip is the perfect way to feel the natural beauty of Japan. There’s so much to do here. Just pick two destinations from below and we’re ready to go.

If you’re already staying in #Tokyo, why not try Nikko as a day trip and explore beautiful shrines & temples in the mountains?

  • Destinations
  • Edo Wonderland
    A theme park where you cosplay as members of Edo Period society, experience traditional Japanese culture, and watch out for ninjas everywhere!
  • Hiking in Nikko National Park
    Nothing beats trekking through the mountains of Japan. There are several courses, my favorite is a pilgrimage established in the mid-700’s by the monk Shodo Shonin.
  • Shrines and Temples of Nikko
    Established in the 8th century and expanded to present size in the 1600’s, this is one of the crowning achievements of Edo Period architecture. Includes famous Tosho-gu and Taiyu-in, grand mausoleums of the first and third shōguns.

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Due to extreme temperatures in Nikko from November to March, I don’t offer this tour in the winter. Trust me on this one.

Starts at ¥75,000
(covers up to 5 people!)

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