Excursions are 2-3 day trips outside of a major urban center, for example Tо̄kyо̄.

These can be inclusive as you like, ie: I can handle budget itineraries, five-star itineraries, and everything in between.

heritage tourism, history tourism; world heritage; nature tourism, hiking; architecture tourism, art tourism; tombstone tourism; photography tourism; theme park tourism

3 days, 2 nights

We’ll take our cameras and overnight bags to Kura no Machi to visit a town foreign tourist rarely go to so we can experience Japan’s amazing kura architecture. Because today is a travel and photography day, we’ll check into our ryokan traditional Japanese-style inn and enjoy kaiseki ryori and onsen a natural, hot spring. After a good night’s sleep, we’ll explore Nikko’s famous shrines and temples — I’m an expert in this style of funerary architecture, so you’re in good hands. Then, we’re going to step back in time, by dressing up as members of the various classes in Edo Wonderland, a theme park that celebrates Japan’s colorful Edo Period culture. Next, we’ll enjoy dinner at a family-run restaurant that specializes in local cuisine. After several soaks in the hot springs and a good night’s sleep, we’re gonna hike up a sacred mountain to uncover all of Nikko’s secrets that foreigners rarely see. After that, I’ll return you safely to your next hotel in Tо̄kyо̄ or bring you whatever train takes you to your next destination.

  • Destinations
  • Edo Wonderland
    We’ll don Edo Period costumes, enjoy ninja shows, and learn about daily life in feudal Japan.
  • Hiking
    There’s a rarely traveled, ancient pilgrimage that walks around up and around the main religious complex.
  • Kura no Machi
    Rarely visited by foreigners, this town is famous for traditional storehouses and its preserved historic district.
  • Onsen
    Soak in a classic Japanese hot spring
  • Shrines & Temples of Nikko
    So many sites to see, but we’ll focus on Futara-san, Taiyu-in, and Tosho-gu..

Popular Add-ons

  • Try yuba or yuba-age, a delicacy of the town
  • Try local craft beer!


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  • Destinations
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Popular Add-ons

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Hike the Nakasendо̄ Highway
in the Japan Alps

Located in the picturesque Japan Alps, we’ll explore four Edo Period post-towns and one of Japan’s most pleasant castle towns. This is more than hiking, it’s stepping back in time to Japan’s Second Golden Age.

Coming soon

  • Destinations
  • Matsumoto
  • Shiojiri-juku
  • Niekawa-juku
  • Fukushima-juku
  • Tsumago-juku
  • Magome-juku

Popular Add-ons

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Design Your Own 2-3 Day Excursion

Private Tour


Here’s a secret. All my tours are customized in one way or another. If you need a private tour or someone to make things smoother, or if you’re gathering contents and shooting video and need a fixer, I’m sure I can help out and get you sorted.

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  • Fixer
  • Guide
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  • Historical consultant
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