Base rates are given for each tour.

Obviously, add on’s and upgrades

My schedule fills up quickly, so booking upfront is best if you want to guarantee the dates you want. 6-12 months in advance is perfect, but I know many of you book last minute.

3-6 months in advance, I require $000.00 deposit to reserve your spot on my calendar.

If we need to book special rail passes, hotels, or certain other experiences, I require those payments upfront before purchasing on your behalf, but we’ll be in daily communication at this point, so there’s not much to worry about.

If you book with less than 3-6 months in advance, I require a $000.00 deposit to guarantee your day on the calendar. Once that is secured, I require payment in full to guarantee smooth processing. Remember, this is a one person operation!


Your $000.00 deposit is fully refundable up to ………
If I’ve purchased rail passes and luxury hotels in advance, things can get tricky. It will take time, but I can generally get a full refunds, but may require a processing fee up to $250 to cover external cancellation fees, bank transfer fees, hours on the phone apologizing in really difficult, honorific Japanese and then begging in the same difficult language for people to keep working with me, etc.