It’s Your Holiday

We do this because we love Japan and love travel in Japan.
Let us make this trip special for you.

Let’S Customize Your Trip to Japan!

  • Just need dinner and drinks?
    We know the best places for every budget and appetite.
  • Planning a school trip or educational trip?
    Entertaining and educational trips are our specialty (high school, university, and podcast groups welcome).
  • Wanna skip public transportation?
    We can hire a driver for the day.
  • Want to see sumō?
    Easily done!
  • Always dreamed of meeting a geisha?
    Happy to arrange it.
  • Have a place you really want to see?
    We can take you there!
  • Interested in a certain pilgrimage?
    Hit us up.
  • Wanna build a complete tour from scratch?
    Let’s talk and we’ll get you a quote.
  • Need to arrange a pick up/drop off?
    Limousine? Rickshaw?
  • Need a fixer or history/culture expert for your documentary?
    Been there. Done that.

WE’RE Waiting For You!

<strong>What kind of tour are you interested in?</strong>

<strong>COVID-19 Vaccination Status</strong>

Since spring 2020, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has had extremely strict regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result, we have to ask about your vaccination status in order to better answer your questions. The situation is changing weekly, so once we begin planning your trip, we can help you find the easiest way to visit Japan!