It’s Your Holiday

I do this because I love Japan and I love travel in Japan.
Let me make this trip special for you.

Customized Private Tours

Let Me Customize Your Trip to Japan!

  • Just need dinner and drinks?
    I know the best places for every budget and appetite.
  • Planning a school trip or educational trip?
    Entertaining and educational trips are my specialty (high school, university, and podcast groups welcome).
  • Wanna skip public transportation?
    We can hire a driver for the day.
  • Want to see sumō?
    Easily done!
  • Always dreamed of meeting a geisha?
    I’m happy to arrange it.
  • Have a place you really want to see?
    I can take you there!
  • Interested in a certain pilgrimage?
    Hit me up.
  • Wanna build a complete tour from scratch?
    Let’s talk and I’ll get you a quote.
  • Need to arrange a pick up/drop off?
    Limousine? Rickshaw?
  • Need a fixer or history/culture expert for your documentary?
    Been there. Done that.

I’m Waiting For You