Crash Course in Japanese History

Crash Course
Japanese History

This isn’t a history lecture and there will be no quiz. We’ll dive into 2 world-class interactive museums and one of the few remaining private gardens of a feudal lord that remain in Tо̄kyо̄.

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First off, this Japanaese history walking tour is mostly indoors and has ample opportunities to sit down and rest. Also, it’s guaranteed to give you a firm grasp of basic cultural and historical concepts that will prepare you for the rest of your travels in Japan. What’s more, we’ll end the day in one of the most beautiful, traditional gardens in Tо̄kyо̄. This tour is accessible

  • Destinations
  • Edo-Tо̄kyо̄ Museum
    Easily one of the best history/culture museums on the planet, we can experience real artifacts, intricately detailed recreations, and interactive exhibits
  • Kо̄raku-en Gardens
    One of the 3 few remaining daimyō gardens left in the city (there used to be more that 200 of such gardens, but this one belonged to a branch of the shōgun’s family and is still preserved)
  • Ryōgoku Sumo Hall
    We can’t go inside, but we can get a great view from the sky-deck of the Edo-Tо̄kyо̄ Museum; if you want, we can walk around it as well.
  • Tо̄kyо̄ Waterworks Museum
    I have no idea why this museum isn’t famous. Tо̄kyо̄ites don’t even know it exists, but it’s amazing! Learn how water helped grow Edo from a tiny fishing village into the Tо̄kyо̄, the crown jewel of Asia
    (no English, guide required).

Popular Add-ons

  • Remains of Kiira Kōzukenosuke’s mansion
    He’s often portrayed as the villain in the Story of the 47 Rо̄nin and lived right around the corner from the Edo-Tо̄kyо̄ Museum)
  • Baseball! Let’s check out a Tо̄kyо̄ Giants game!
    Sumо̄ may be the traditional sport of Japan, but baseball is the definitely the modern national past time!
  • Hokusai Museum
    Katsushika Hokusai is considered one of the greatest woodblock print artists of Japan. He was an inspiration to French Impressionists, yet his work continues to influence modern international design (if you want to do this, I recommend swapping it out for one of the museums on the Destinations list; if it’s raining hard, I often use this as an option for the gardens)
  • Chanko Nabe lunch
    This hotpot dish is the staple food of sumо̄ wrestlers. Despite what you’re thinking, it’s actually very healthy!

Starts at ¥55,000

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